Friday, April 27, 2012

Hand Pieced Quilt-A-Long ~ Sashing and Border

Today I'll go over putting together the hand pieced quilt top. I am using 2 inch white strips for a finished 1.5 inch sashing and border. You can decide what size and color you would like. Also if you want cornerstones you would have to adjust this to your blocks measurements.I made this really simple and cut 2 inches by the width of fabric (WOF). You can also piece your rows together first then measure the length of your rows and cut the 2 inch strip by that number. One 2 in. X WOF strip "should" be enough for 2 rows but fabric widths vary so please measure first.

You will need:
8 ~ 2 in. x 6.5 in. sashing strips
5 ~ 2in.  x  length of pieced rows (3 for sashing, 2 for top and bottom border)
2 ~ 2 in. x WOF border strips (side borders)
Mark a 1/4 inch sewing line on all sides of all of the strips.

Piece together your rows putting a 6.5 inch sashing strip between your blocks.

Sew the 5 ~ 2 in. x length of rows strips to the top, in between and bottom of your rows. Trim off excess fabric from strips.

Take the 2 remaining 2 inch x WOF strips and sew them to each side of your quilt top. Trim off excess fabric from strips. Press your top gently.

That's it for this week. I think we will take next Friday off because hand piecing the sashing and border will take some time.  So the Friday after next we will layer, baste and talk quilting!!!

Here are the links for all of the hand pieced blocks:

Block #1 ~ Churn Dash
Block #2 ~ Jacob's Ladder
Block #3 ~ Ohio Star
Block #4 ~ Bear Paw
Block #5 ~ Granny Square
Block #6 ~ Shoo-Fly
Block #7 ~ Card Trick
Block #8 ~ Friendship Star 
Block #9 ~ Square in a Square
Block #10 ~ Log Cabin
Block #11 ~ Flying Geese Pinwheel
Block #12 ~ Honey Bee

The flickr group is here. Come on over and see all the other pretty hand pieced blocks.

Have a great weekend!!!


Elizabeth said...

I don't even quilt, Erin, but I absolutely love your blog and the beautiful things you make. Thanks for sharing them!

vintage grey said...

Such a fun and beautiful quilt!! Wish I would have joined in the fun!! Thanks for the links for each one!! I might have to add each on on my 'grannie sundays'! Have a great weekend!! xo Heather

Amanda said...

Eek! honey bee and friendship star are yellow and yellow side by side. just my thoughts. Altogether lovely and I'm jealous. :)

Jacque. said...

I am loving how your's looks, Erin! I have my sashing on and am awaiting the 'baste and quilting' talk! This was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Thank you so much for introducing (pulling me kicking and screaming) to the world of hand-piecing!

Kylie said...

I so covet that quilt Erin! It's so lovely. How big will your finished quilt top be?

Shannon Wallace said...

Beautiful and elegant quilt! Thank you for the easy-to-follow instructions, and the great pictures! I am a visual learner, and NEED to see what I am doing! LOL Thanks again!

Katie said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad that I finally joined in!

Zoƫ said...

Thank you so much for this little series - I'm currently abroad for 6 months and nearly cried when I realised I wouldn't be able to take my machine with me. I'm so glad I can continue sewing and this project is stunning.
I can't wait to see how you finish it! (and start mine too of course!)

Jenn said...

I can't even tell you how much I love this! This is the best FMF creation I've ever seen!

Katie said...

It's looking so good! I finally will have some time to finish up my blocks, then I need to think about how I'm going to do the sashing.

Anonymous said...

I love it, it is going to be so sweet when it is quilted

Leslie said...

Erin i was wondering how much solid white i should plan on having on hand to make just the blocks....not the sashing and borders?



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