Friday, November 19, 2010

Chain Piecing...

I find that the longer I quilt, the more I like chain piecing. It saves time and thread. So do you chain piece? Do you use leaders and enders?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Quilt, A Pattern, A Mini and a Minier...

I finished "my" Film Strip Quilt. I am really pleased with it.

It's not washed and crinkled yet. That is the best part too me. The picture is a bit yellowy from the morning sun.

I made a few improve blocks for the back and threw in an extra strip I had.

There are even some puckers in there for your viewing pleasure too. Keepin' it real!lol! So I told you in this post about my plan for this pattern. Then I got to thinking about all of the fees for Etsy and Paypal, and that by the time I got the money donated it would not amount to much. So I'm going to post the link to the PDF here and on the side bar and I'm hoping if your led to, that you make a donation to St. Jude or even your local children's hospital. This is so important to me. Thank you.

I have a long list of quilts in progress. I also have 2 custom quilt orders. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, what do i do? Start another project. Oh yeah ,I'm crazy like that. lol.

I pulled out my scraps from this bag I made last year.

I made a mug rug with some of them.

The back.

While I was at it I used some scraps of Batik I had left from making my friend a table runner last year. I had the chance to see the runner recently and loved it! I have to work with Batiks more. I also have to get a picture of that table runner.

I machine bound these, which I had not done in quite a while. It looked pretty good. I found that I definitely like sewing the binding to the back of the quilt and folding it over to the front and then top stitching it down. Still think my hand binding looks better.

What is your preferred method of binding?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Still Quilting...

I've been busy piecing and quilting. I tried sulky cotton thread. I used Sulky blendables 30 wt. in the color Natural Taupe for the quilt above. I am so in love with this! I feel like for the first time, since I began free-motion quilting, that I am actually drawing with the thread. It looks great.

I also purchased some of Sulky's 12 wt. thread which is more thick than your ordinary thread. I think this will look great with the linen that I work with. I really need something that will show up. The other threads seem to get lost in the linen.

What thread do you use?

* If you e-mailed about the PDF and did not hear back from me, it was because you were a no-reply address. Please get in touch with me if you still want the pattern while I am offering it for free. It goes on sale next Monday in my shop to benefit St. Jude. Thanks guys!♥Erin*


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