Thursday, March 31, 2011

Liberated Stars...

Do you see that? Finally my handy dandy little brain allowed me to make a wonky star!!!!! I was playing in my sewing room and decided to give it another try and this time it worked. I'm not sure why I couldn't do it before. I felt really lame for not being able to.

And because they are so much fun I made this mini block. It measures 3.5 inches. I think it will become a pin cushion or I might make more and turn them into a doll quilt.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Habitat Quilt Progress & Lost Fabric

Hey there! Remember me? It's been a long time. I've had to wait to post until we got a new computer. You see, we got a virus, thought it was gone, and it may have been, but a few days later our computer completely fried. This is a pretty craptastic time of year (not that it's ever a good time) for the computer to crash with trying to get homeschool portfolios ready and all. I have not replied to e-mails yet. Thank you, Jacque, for checking in on me! Had the blog down during this time. I'm wondering how to not get the SPAM comments. They bug me. Anyway I lost a few quilt pictures and all of my files. Everything that was never backed up. So I'm starting from scratch here.

I have half of the Habitat Quilt quilted. This baby is BIG! Free motion quilting is not for wimps! HA! I haven't quilted one this large in a long while. My back and shoulders feel it. How often do you take a break while machine quilting?

My SIL and I decided on Kona Cotton in the color Herb for the binding. It will look great and really make the colors in the prints pop and it breaks up the black and white too. For the back she found a sheet she liked from Kohls.

While we were shopping for batting and binding fabric I saw this Strawberry Fields Layer Cake.

I love the colors! I think that everything Joanna Figueroa designs is beautiful. My SIL bought the layer cake for me as a thank you for making her quilt. So sweet. Fabric is one of the best gift.

While we are on the subject of Fig Tree & Co. I have some how lost my bag of Whimsy charms. How does one lose a bag of fabric? It was in a really brightly colored gift bag. I am really bummed and going a little batty looking for it. I hope it didn't get thrown out somehow. :(

I have some blog hopping to do! Happy Quilting!


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