Friday, September 17, 2010

Film Strip Sections

Let me tell you how much I love these! A LOT!

I thought I was only going to make a small quilt with them. Now I think I am going to make a bigger one either with these or an entirely separate quilt.

I'll post the measurements / tutorial on these, with pics, when I make the next one.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reflecting Today...Flim Strip Quilt

I woke up thinking about my dad. He was an artist. A great one too! I always had beautiful pictures on my walls in my bedroom, of anything I would ask him to draw for me, done in pastels. I loved them. Some of my most prized earthly possessions are his paintings. But he was also a photographer. He was a photographer for the military in the 60's. He bought me my first SLR camera (before digital) for my high school photography class, but honestly, I learned more from him than my class. I was thinking about how we always had film in our refrigerator. I knew I'd love Ashley's blog as soon as I saw the title. I think of my dad every time I read it. It also reminded me of him recently when I was watching Bridges of Madison County and Clint Eastwood's character puts his film in Meryl Streep's character's refrigerator. In the day of digital not too many people have film in the fridge or a dark room (we had one of those too) and I think that's why I so appreciate these little things that have reminded me of this part of my dad. Quilting is something that also reminds me of him. I started quilting just before he got sick. He moved in with us and we took care of him. My husband took just as good care of him as I did, for which I am truly grateful and blessed. My husband often refers to my dad as one of his best friends, and he was. I remember hand quilting my second quilt in the wee hours of the morning, sitting with my dad, during his last precious days on this earth. It reminds me of him. He was encouraging and when I first began learning to quilt, before he was very ill, he would tell me what a wonderful sewist my great grandmother was. It gave me sense of why I felt so in my element sewing, unlike drawing or painting or crocheting or jewelry making, I enjoy all of those things, but sewing is mine.

I decided to start a film strip quilt, my own way, in memory of my dad. I'm going to use the rest of my Arcadia and Kona solids in Coal, Artichoke and Stone. I think he would have loved it! Prismacolors also remind me of him. I have his old ones put up. I remember using those as a child, breaking them and him not getting upset at all. Never did! My children used them also. Some are no more than an inch long. Yup, I remember him standing with his pencil sharpener and getting all of his pencils sharp. That sound, I love. We use that same sharpener everyday for school. I miss him and rest in the fact that we will meet again. Thank Jesus for that. My dad never had a bad word or a mean temper. I wish I were more like that. I could go on and on....thanks for listening.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Finished Quilts, Lots of Blocks, Charm Talk

I finished the Honky Dory Whirlygig.

It's adorable and is already going to good use.

I was going to bind it with the same fabric in this block. Which is also my favorite block! That was my original idea, but I didn't want to order it online and then wait for it. I bought some Kona solids, Sweet Pea and Bahama Blue.

I thought the Sweet Pea would look better with the front and it did, but the Bahama Blue was perfect with the back. Since the BB looked good with the front also, I went with that.

Everyone seems to like the back better than the front. It's a "vintage" sheet from grandma's house.

If that weren't enough whirlygigs I made a small one this weekend for one of my nieces. It's just enough to snuggle with. I really need to add more purple to my stash. This was all I had. I did some straight line quilting 1/4 inch from each side of the vertical and horizontal seams. It was a nice break from the usual stipple quilting. I plan on doing more of it.

I've been making a 1 or 2 Bliss star blocks almost daily. I really love how these are looking. Yardage of Bliss is supposed to be out now. I have to visit the LQS to see if they have it yet. I know they are going to get it because when I bought the charm pack there, the girl working and I were talking about how pretty it is and that we both couldn't wait for it to come in.

I finally cut into my Sweet (Urban Chicks for Moda) Peeps. It's been well over a year since I ordered the FQ bundle and I thought it was time. You can only pull them out and talk to, don't judge:) refold them for so long.

I made a skirt last year with some of the FQ's and used a little of my light blue peeps in this quilt and few pink peeps in these. Other than that they have been waiting.

After lots of thought about what to do with them and seeing Kristine's Flea Market Fancy quilt I thought the pattern was just right. I decided to show off the little peeps in the center of each block. This will be the fourth quilt I've made using this pattern but I still really love the simplicity of it. I still have the pink and green colorways to go yet and then I'll be putting it together.

And because I can't seem to work on just one thing at a time I've been making more solid blocks here and there.

I did some destashing. I got rid of about 75% of my fabric. Yup! Gone. The closet in my sewing room is a little bare but it really frees up my mind. I have had some of the fabric since 2002. I didn't really like it anymore but it was good quality fabric. Tastes change over time. I gave it all to my SIL and Mom. I'm really trying to grow some quilters here!

Charm swappers! Charms are coming in and they are really nice. I can't wait to see them all.

I am going to have another swap after this one. I'm thinking Amy Butler charms. I'll post details and sign ups when this swap is completed!


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