Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's Discuss....Pre-Washing

                                         (pre-washed Layer Cake)

 Do You?  Don't You? Why? Why Not?

I am a pre-washer. When I first started sewing I would often wonder why my head would hurt and would get a sore throat when I would sew. I quickly realized it was the sizing on the fabric.  I started pre-washing then and never even give it a second thought until I use the pre-cuts. I wash those too. But they do have some shrinkage so I have to adjust accordingly. I didn't pre-wash my Sherbert Pips charm pack when I made this quilt. And I could tell right away. Laying in bed that night I had the worst headache and sore throat. So my reason has nothing to do with fabric bleed or shrinkage. I just HAVE to do it. So what do you do???? Anyone else sensitive to sizing?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Recovered Bench and A Mini....

I wish I would have taken a before shot of this bench my mom gave me. It was in bad shape.  I painted it with shiny red acrylic paint. Then we went to the LQS and I found this Michael Miller laminate.

I recovered the seat portion with it. Which was easy peasy because I got my very own staple gun and let me tell ya, I am ready to recover everything I own. (I wish we were having some better weather so I could get a more true shot of the colors.)

I am so happy with my bench all for under 6 bucks! yippee skippee!!!

I also finished the little embroidered piece I started last week.

 I needed a new garden flag so I thought I'd just make one. I think it turned out adorable. Now we just need some sunshine so my flowers will grow!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival Spring 2011...The Quilt I'm Sharing

For Blogger's Quilt Festival I'm sharing my Film Strip Quilt. The quilt was inspired by my dad and It's my favorite quilt to date. I came up with the pattern one day when I woke up thinking about my dad who passed away 8 years ago.

He was a photographer and  an artist. I've made 2 of these quilts. The first was gifted to my friend Amy to keep her warm during her chemo treatments. Which meant a lot to me to do for her because I initially started quilting to keep me busy while sitting with my dad during his chemo treatments.

 Ooops there are some wrinkles in this shot. Proof this quilt is well used and well loved :)

 I made a pieced back with a few wonky squares and a pieced strip. I think I have been most inspired while creating this quilt. I think my dad would be proud.

For more fabulous quiltiness visit Amy's Creative Side Blogger's Quilt Festival!

Amy's Creative Side

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


to do some handwork.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mama's Day!

 I made these yummies for my mama today! Cupcakes are currently my new obsession. Happy Mother's Day. Hope it was lovely!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Scrappy Aqua and Red Doll Quilt

This morning I woke up extra early and made this scrappy little doll quilt. I laid the squares out last night so it would be ready to go in the morning. It seems like the only way I can sew lately is to stay up late and wake up early. But it's so worth it. Isn't it?


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