Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Pillow for Baby

I have just a short and sweet show and tell today as I really can't come up with the words for much of a post. All the kids (except baby) have various stages of a sore throat / sinus bug and even with 2 cups of strong coffee I'm still dragging. I made a pillow for the baby. For the Dresden Plate I used some beautiful Atsuko Matsuyama prints that I got in a little swap with my sweet friend, Heather. The center piece is from another sweet friend and bee mate, Leila. I'd been waiting to use that Merry Bon Bon print for just the right thing and this little project was it. I added some crochet lace trim to the top of the pillow.

For the back I used this really cute aqua ticking type fabric. I have no idea who makes it... wish I did because I love it. I only had a fat quarter and it had no print on the selvedge. I was so excited to use some of the buttons I had made too.

I haven't made a pillow in years except for tiny doll pillows. I am so pleased with this one. I just want to make a bigger pillow form for it. Makes me smile looking at it.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Playing with Dresdens

I started making a Dresden Plate pillow over the weekend. I used most of my feedsack and 30's reproduction prints and a piece of white linen.

I love the way everything looks together but I am not enjoying the method I chose for finishing the Dresden. I used fusible interfacing and sewed it right sides together with the finished Dresden Petals along the curves, clipped the curves and turned it right sides out. Then appliqued it by hand to the linen. Same method for the center circle. My problem is the the center is quite puffy. So I am going to undo it and use a piece of freezer paper ironed on and use the needle turn applique method to attach the center to the petals. I was wondering if any of you that have made a Dresden Plate quilt, pillow, etc. would mind telling me... What is your preferred method of attaching the center circle to the Dresden and then the Dresden Plate to the background fabric?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Season By Hand at Clover & Violet

a season by hand

Hey there! I am guest posting today over on Jennie and Clara's blog Clover & Violet for their Season by Hand series. I'm talking a little about hand piecing quilt blocks.

If you are visiting from Clover & Violet, Hi!!!
Here are the links to the hand piecing and quilting tutorials I've done. The same page can always be found under the Hand Piecing~Hand Quilting tab on my homepage.

Block #1 ~ Churn Dash

Block #2 ~ Jacob's Ladder

Block #3 ~ Ohio Star

Block #4 ~ Bear Paw

Block #5 ~ Granny Square

Block #6 ~ Shoo-Fly

Block #7 ~ Card Trick

Block #8 ~ Friendship Star 

Block #9 ~ Square in a Square

Block #10 ~ Log Cabin

Block #11 ~ Flying Geese Pinwheel

Block #12 ~ Honey Bee

Sashing & Borders



The flickr group is here. Come on over and see all the other pretty hand pieced blocks and quilts.

Enjoy! Have a great weekend!
xo Erin

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Paper Pieced Lego Star Wars ~ Luke Skywalker

I wanted to pop in and share with you this really awesome paper pieced quilt block. It's a Lego Luke Skywalker. He still needs his face embroidered on. I tested this pattern for Kristy @ Quiet Play. She's designing over 30 Lego Star Wars character patterns. She's listing them for free in her Craftsy shop. I will be making all of them as requested by my son. He sort of gets the short end of the stick when it comes to my sewing projects because I tend to sew more girly things I guess. So these blocks are a perfect way for me to make something for him. He has loved looking through all of the blocks Kristy has created so far. I'm getting some "cool mom points" too, so that makes me happy. I'll be remaking Luke once I get a better fleshy color. I might even sit down to sew him. Does anyone else stand and sew? I've been doing that a lot lately. Next, I'll be making light sabers.

For all of you in the states, I hope you have a happy 4th of July! Be safe! May the force be with you. I can't believe I just typed that. But I'm leaving it.

xo Erin


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