Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It Must Have Been the Roses

Sometimes I love rainy days. Yesterday was a quiet, slow, rainy day. We finished school, I did my housework and then I got to sit and sew for a little. I was able to get the sashing on my Granny Squares. I just need to add the borders and I'll have another top ready for quilting. I sorta burned out on the Granny Squares. But when I started working with my blocks again I remembered why I love them so much. I enjoy looking at all of the different prints I used for this scrappy granny!

I also had an anniversary this week. My sweet, sweet husband surprised me with these beautiful roses. I'm generally a thrifty person and don't like the idea of wasting money on store bought flowers because they die. But I will admit they make me smile and the gesture warms my heart. We all keep walking by them and smelling them. I realized when I went to put them in water that I don't even own a vase anymore. They are currently residing in a wide mouth quart size Mason jar, which I actually prefer over a vase anyway.

My son drew us an anniversary picture. I asked if we were "love birds" because I thought that was what he drew. He looked at me like I was totally nuts and said "No, mom, you're Bluegills!" I don't think he could have made his dad more proud. These boys love fishing!

and just because they won't last long....another shot of the roses :) Hope you're having a wonderful week!!!

P.S. The hand quilting demonstration I gave on Sunday was really fun! Thanks for the encouragement!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hello! I hope your weekend is off to a great start. The weather is beautiful here today and I can finally sit down for a little blog post.

I fell down our front steps 2 weekends ago. Only now is the soreness going away. A few days of bed rest really helped but I was moving around like a turtle for a bit there. The baby is fine, thank God! My hip, back and arm took the brunt of the fall. Oh , and my cute, newly painted big toe nail got ripped off. But I'm on the mend. My husband has since put singles down on the stairs to make them safer. It was raining when I fell. Plus I was wearing Croc flip flops with NO traction.

Thank you all for the great tips, ideas, and suggestions on basting a big quilt!!! Obviously I have not gotten around to trying any of them yet and I apologize for not replying to you. I loved reading all of them and I think I will try using a table. I used to use this method years ago but I got puckers. Maybe I'll be a more patient baster now that I am older :)

I worked on a paper pieced block for the cocorico bee. I need to rework it. Leila's theme is woman's work. Inspired by ads from the 50's and 60's. I made an aqua fridge. It needs help. But I have all the tweaks planned and it should be fine. I really didn't want to show it here, but then I thought, what is the point of not showing the bad along with the good?! I love when things work out but that's not always the case so I thought I'd show you that!!!

I pulled some fabric for a few baby bibs and that is about as far I got.

I'm going to embroider this little deer onto a bib made with these prints. If the baby isn't a girl then I'll give it away to someone who has a little girl.

I have this party on my mind. I am giving a hand piecing and quilting demonstration. I'll be taking my hand pieced quilt that only have 2 blocks quilted so far and this Churn Dash quilt.I'm a little nervous. Not about the demonstration but about whether or not my Buffalo Chicken Dip will be well received. ha! Just kidding. I'm nervous about the demonstration. Wish me luck!



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