☆Hand Piecing~Hand Quilting

Block #1 ~ Churn Dash

Block #2 ~ Jacob's Ladder

Block #3 ~ Ohio Star

Block #4 ~ Bear Paw

Block #5 ~ Granny Square

Block #6 ~ Shoo-Fly

Block #7 ~ Card Trick

Block #8 ~ Friendship Star 

Block #9 ~ Square in a Square

Block #10 ~ Log Cabin

Block #11 ~ Flying Geese Pinwheel

Block #12 ~ Honey Bee

Sashing & Borders



The flickr group is here. Come on over and see all the other pretty hand pieced blocks and quilts.


Anonymous said...

I love to hand piece and I hand quilt all my quilts. It is SO relaxing.

Paulette Doerhoff

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to find your site /blog. I, too, do all hand piecing and hand quilting. (I don't own a sewing machine... yet). In fact I am just finishing the quilting on a bear's paw quilt I am making for my daughter, done in navy blue, medium blue, soft blue, and white. Looks really lovely, even though I'm an amateur. I hope to start binding by next week. I was excited to see all your hand pieced feature blocks, and I look forward to taking my time with a cuppa tea, and looking all through them. Thanks for a great site!!
Donna Woodhouse, Toronto ON, Canada, dwoodhouse@sympatico.ca

Nita said...

I am so excited to find you! I feel breathless and am going to do your handpieced quilt along even though it is long over. :) I am spending this summer at our lake house where we do not have electricity. so hand quilting is certainly in order!

Wrap-z said...

I love your site and the cheerful pieced quilt you have shared. I am going to attempt the hand pieced 6 in blocks and see how it goes. Thank you


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great tutorial. Can't wait to try making this. I have never hand pieced, but the idea appeals to me and your blocks look amazing.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to find your site.I hand piece and hand quilt my quilts. I have arthritis.It is very therapeutic and easier for me to manage.I am so glad you are encouraging and teaching.I have actually been looked down upon at a recent quilt show because I mentioned I hand pieced and hand quilted.I was taught by my wonderful grandmother Thank you so much !

Anonymous said...

I love your site and have been hand piecing & quilting for years. I am a Kentucky quilter and the ones done by hand actually sell for more than the ones done by machine if you are able to part with any. I have restored some really old quilts, all done by hand.

Theresa Dively said...

I am so excited to find like-minded quilters like me who enjoy this style of quilting.it is very therapeutic for me and less back breaking! Lol!



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