Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Nautical Quilt

Today I'm sharing a quilt I made using the fabric line Nautical by Caskata ™ Artisanal Home for Riley Blake Designs.

The crisp red, white and blue fabric are a collection of all things nautical.

There's a mariner's compass print in the collection that was really my starting point for ideas when I started making the wall hanging. As you can see in the pictures I made a Mariner's Compass block for the center of the quilt.
I fussy cut mariner's compasses from the red print and added them to each patchwork border point. The patchwork border is a mix of the lobster, crab, and coastal chart print.

The print that has the ships on it is my favorite in all the colorways. It reminds me of the old ships you could tour at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. Which, for me, was always interesting as a kid.

I added some Riley Blake Linen as a background for the blocks to mimic sand. We've spent a lot of time at different beaches and my favorite will always be Assateague Island. There's nothing like crawling out of your tent in the morning and seeing wild horses a few feet away.

For the quilting I did a free-motion long stipple to mimic seaweed.

The crabs are a neat print, too. I'm a Maryland girl born and bred for the first part of my life and crabs always remind me of growing up having a crab feast every year ( with LOTS of Old Bay!!! ) so I decided to bind the quilt with the blue crabs print.

I'm really happy with the way this turned out. Now I have a red, white and blue quilt and, also, one that reminds me of fun times we've had through the years. A little sentimental but I just can't help it sometimes :)

Have a lovely week, friends!

Happy Sewing!

xo Erin

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Linen Geranium Dresses

Today I'm sharing these cute Geranium dresses I made for my two youngest girls. I used Riley Blake Linen in the colors Blush and Aqua and I used the Bouquet Tide print from the fabric line Serenade by Cyndi Walker for Riley Blake as an accent fabric for the pockets.

I'd always wanted to make a linen dress using this pattern and when I had the opportunity to make a project with Riley Blake Linen I knew right away I wanted to pair the two together! Riley Blake Linen is a cotton / linen blend making it really nice for apparel or quilts. It doesn't shift the way 100% linen might.

I love making Easter dresses every year for my girls and I knew making them with this linen would make them just a little extra special.

I used linen for the lining as well. I prewashed the linen and pressed it with just a little bit of Best Press. This linen is pretty soft and not really itchy. It will get softer as it's laundered too.

I love the way the linen worked with the flutter sleeves, really soft but with some structure to them.

I know that sometimes wrinkles are a concern with linen. I, personally, don't mind a bit. And as you can see these aren't terribly wrinkled even though they have been tried on by the girls several times as well as worn for a few photos for this post. As this is a cotton / linen blend wrinkles and scratchy fabric aren't an issue.

 I think they turned out super cute! I love the few pieces of linen clothing I have ( a skirt and a dress) and I know my girls will get a lot of wear out of these sweet dresses.

I love working with linen. I always keep natural linen in my stash for my small projects and quilts. Do you enjoy working with linen? cotton/linen blends? What's your favorite?

Happy Sewing!

xo Erin

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Drunkard's Path Quilt

Hi! Just dropping in to add the link for the templates I'm using for these. There's a quick tutorial on my Instagram stories, too, if you've not done curved piecing. It's fun and these are really simple to start with. 

Happy Sewing! 
xo Erin 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Someday Blog Tour

Hello! Today I get to show you a pretty quilt I made using my friend Minki Kim's newest fabric for Riley Blake called Someday. I eagerly said yes to Minki when she asked if I would like to be on the tour. Her fabric is so cute! This line is really pretty with what I think is such a classic combination of pinks and blues with some creams and tans in the mix.

I started the quilt by hand piecing 60 degree diamonds into Tumbling Blocks but soon decided to turn them into 6 pointed stars. I have only used EPP for these in the past but chose traditional hand piecing this time mixed with machine piecing the rows together.

I used Riley Blake's Navy Stripe for the binding and the back is mostly Riley Blake Kisses in Peony with pieces of Someday I had left.

My youngest girl claimed this quilt right away. She loved the blue fabric with the chickens on it. Since we have chickens here at home and blue is her favorite color it was a perfect match!

I couldn't resist taking a picture with that big chicken! I thought it was pretty funny and appropriate with those cute little chicken prints in the Someday fabric line.

Thank you, Minki, for letting me be apart of the fun!

Have a great week friends!

Happy Sewing!
xo Erin

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Dear Jane Quilt

Hello! I haven't posted in so long. I thought I'd dust the old blog off today. I know a lot of people are on Instagram and other social media outlets and that's where a lot of the sharing happens but I really wanted to document my Dear Jane quilt here on my blog. 

I have wanted to make a Dear Jane quilt for so many years. Finally in June (2018) I started my Dear Jane quilt. I made a few blocks before I posted anything to Instagram because I really wasn't sure how it would go. But after making a few blocks I was hooked!!! 

I'm hand piecing, appliqueing and freezer paper piecing my blocks. I love changing up the techniques and working with some different colors and fabrics that I don't tend to use. 

I'm also mixing in some fabrics from my stash that I really love! It's a nice mix for me. I'm making my blocks in order, row by row. I know that if I were to skip around it would throw me off and I wouldn't feel as organized. I definitely need to be organized to complete this beautiful quilt! 

I use this resource from Susan Gatewood for the paper pieced blocks. It's been such a wonderful resource and I find I use it more than the actual book as far as templates go. I print, pick fabrics and prep a whole row at a time. Then I always have a block to work on very easily. 

I'm keeping my blocks in sandwich baggies labeled by row. I also have a chart that I've glued a scrap fabric used for each block. It's handy for picking fabrics.

I have three rows finished and row 4 prepped! I love having these little blocks (4.5" finished) to look forward to sewing. 

I took some time today to scan my blocks onto a grid on the computer. I did this for my Farmer's Wife quilt way back when. It's fun for me to see the blocks all together and I get a different perspective than when they are laid out on my floor. I absolutely LOVE this quilt so far! I'm filing them all under the hashtag #whynotsewdearjane On IG. 

Here is a list of resources I've used to help me on my Dear Jane journey.

Susan Gatewood - PDF's by row for all blocks

That Quilt - Anina makes all the blocks and gives tips along the way (also where I purchased my Dear Jane book, not sponsored..just price :)

Dear Jane - Official Site

Have you made a Dear Jane / Jane Stickle quilt? If not, is it on your list? 

Hope you all are well! 

Happy Sewing!
xo Erin 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Floral Hues by Sue Daley

Hello! Today I get to share with you the quilt I made with Floral Hues by Sue Daley for Riley Blake Designs. Floral Hues is a cotton lawn fabric and it feels light and so soft. It would be perfect for apparel like an infinity scarf or a pretty top like the one that Sachiko made with this fabric. I decided to make a quilt and I used Riley Blake Confetti Cotton Solid as the background fabric and it worked really well with the cotton lawn.

There is a really fun mix of vibrant, pretty and bold colors and prints in this collection. I wanted to make this vintage Dutch Tulips quilt block for a while and I thought these fabrics would pair so well with that block to make a cute quilt.

I'm really pleased with the way the quilt turned out! I used the floral pink print for a small border and then some scrappy 4-patches as the next border.

another little Floral Hues project using that pink!!!
 I love the pinks in this collection! Here's another little project I started that great pink print! 

I bound the quilt with the bold aqua floral print.

I used the old trusty free-motion stippling to quilt it. I'm always happy with it. I used the black and white print from the collection for all of the circles in the blocks to tie them together since I made them really scrappy looking.

I used my favorite print in the collection to add diamonds in the sashing in place of cornerstones. Just something to anchor it all together. I really enjoyed working with these fabrics and I think the quilt turned out pretty much how I wanted it too, happy and bright! Like flowers and sunshine!

Happy Sewing!
xo Erin

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Crocheted Cathedral Window Squares

I've been crocheting a little in the evening. I can't sit still and do nothing at night and hand-sewing is on hold until I get a stronger pair of readers. I've been wanting to make this pattern for a long time. I pinned it years ago but when I went to start crocheting them I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for as the one I pinned was not quite right. Then I found this wonderful you tube tutorial by Potter and Bloom and she has a link to the written version too.  I thought I would pass the info along just in case any of you were interested in making them too!!!

Happy Sewing! (and crocheting)
xo Erin



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