Sunday, October 4, 2015

Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt Sew Along - Week 1

Good Morning! Are you sewing Farmer's Wife 1930s blocks? I 'm sharing my blocks from week 1 for the Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt Sew Along with Gnome Angel.

I chose to use aqua, red and grey for my blocks. Most of the fabrics are from Lakehouse Fabrics Pam Kitty Fog City and Holly Holderman Sunrise Studio with a few others tossed in the mix.

The first block for this sew along was #12 Becky. The blocks for this sew along are going in order of simplicity I think. This block was a breeze to put together. I used the rotary cutter for this block.

The next block was #16 Bonnie. Another simple block that I used the rotary cutter to make. 

I love this block. It's #8 Aunt. For the block I used a rotary cutter for the side and corner squares.

For the center on-point square and it's corner triangles I used Marti Michell's template from set A. The pieces go together so nice. Cutting those little nubs off the ends of the pieces really makes a difference. I have never been fond of templates but I have changed my mind. I learned to quilt using cardboard as a template and tracing around each piece. I never enjoyed it. My accuracy was lacking, to say the least. These are lovely. They combine the speed of rotary cutting with a precise template. I watched this video of Marti Michell and really got a grasp of her templates. I'm going to use them as often as I can. I love the way my points look in the center of this block!

I hope you are sewing along. These blocks have been fun to sew and the stories in the book, as with all of Laurie Aaron Hird's books, are really wonderful and touching. I look forward to seeing all of the blocks being made. 

There is a link up party HERE!

There is also a Facebook group HERE

Happy Sewing!
xo Erin


Unknown said...

Such lovely blocks! 💗

Lisa said...

Great blocks!

Jacque. said...

Those blocks are looking great, Erin! Have fun with them.

donna said...

Hi Erin, I love your blocks.

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Gorgeous blocks!



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