Monday, October 19, 2015

Bea and Me

Vintagey Bea
Good morning! Today I am posting about my block for the Farmer's Wife 1930s quilt along that Kerry is hosting. We are in week six of this quilt along and  my block today is Bea. Oh Bea. We've had a few words, her and I. I chose Bea because she was a basket block and I thought she was really pretty. I noticed there were no rotary cutting instructions for her and I think it's because of her handle? Not sure. So I printed the templates and the paper piecing pages. I realized that my 1 inch scale line was looking a little small. I measured and it was just shy of 1/16" too small. I printed it with no scaling so not sure how to fix that for future blocks. So I did the math and set out to just straight rotary cut Miss Bea. It worked good enough ( the third time, haha) Not exactly a perfect 6.5" unfinished square but I could make it work. 
So went to take pictures of Bea yesterday before the sun went down. Before going out I decided to give her a good press since the block was in a baggie with my other blocks. And wouldn't you know it... I scorched the block! I didn't notice until I took a picture and looked at it. 
I used peroxide and got most of the scorch marks out. I decided to give it another press and try to shape the block a bit. Now she's a bit wrinkly and curving in on one side. She looks kind of vintage now. I'll just tell myself that. 

paper piecing, forgot to mirror image when I printed
I started working on a paper pieced version last night when everyone was sleeping. I was using my Featherweight in the dining / school area and my thread kept breaking and skipping stitches. I thought You have to be kidding me.  My other machine is in my bedroom and I couldn't wake everyone up. 

a sprinkling of my attempts to make a pretty Bea block
So I decided to get up early and work on the paper pieced version. Got all my pieces sewn and guess what? I didn't mirror image when I printed. Seriously. This is nuts. So I really don't have a pretty block to show you, yet! Maybe my 5th try will be a success. So my only tips I can offer are to make sure you print mirror image for paper piecing. Don't scorch your block :) and hopefully your printer is printing the templates the right size. 

I like the letter for Bea. The writer talks about making herself think happy, lovely thoughts. Isn't that the truth!?! Not wanting after what you do no have but enjoying what is already yours. I love that. 

Be sure to see the beautiful blocks that the others are making for the quilt along. You can use the hashtag #fw1930sqal and #beablock you can also use Fat Quarter Shop's hastags #fw11Bea. 

Check out Kerry's beautiful Bea block.

Here is a list of the other bloggers in the quilt along.

Jo Avery  My Bear Paw  @mybearpaw
Ayumi  Pink Penguin  @ayumills 
                                          Chase  Quarter Inch Mark  @quarterinchmark
Happy Sewing!
xo Erin


verykerryberry said...

What a story Erin! I've had whole projects like that, usually to a tight deadline and then my iron will stain the fabric with a mystery mark or I'll wash it and a red fabric bleeds or something similar. My block is slightly small - maybe an ⅛" but I tool that to be my joining seams so I starched and pressed it well to get it up to size. I love those taupe/greys.

Karen said...

This one is super tricky! I had to flip flop the angled paper pieces-thankfully it worked!! I like that its vintage looking too :)

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

Oh, Erin, what a story! I have definitely been there, too. But I like how you refused to give up and you ended up with a really cute block!

Lisa said...

Great block even if it wasn't perfect "your words"! Are you in both?

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