Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bloom & Bliss Receiving Blanket with Fat Quarter Shop

Good morning! I want to share with you all this adorable receiving blanket I made using a new free pattern and tutorial from Fat Quarter Shop.

The pattern consists of large half square triangles. I used Tiger Lily fabric for my blanket. I thought it would be really sweet with ballerinas, butterflies, flowers and kittens. The pattern is really easy and super quick to sew up. This would make excellent baby shower gift but also I think it would be great for any little in your life. Ask me how I know ;) 

Since there is no batting between the fabric layers it has a wonderful drape and feel. I loved sewing it because it was so nice to move around and sew through. This will easily become a child's "blankie". 

The blanket is finished using Aurifil 12 wt. thread. I have used this before and really like it. It really gives a little something extra and makes the stitches pop. I chose color #MK12-1114 Green Grass. It's the same color I used for the Aurifil thread Challenge years ago so I knew it would match Tiger Lily. 

I definitely recommend making this receiving blanket. It's fast and cute. Give it a try. Below are some important links to get you started.

If you are sharing your project on Instagram, please use #fqsreceivingblanket and #fqsfun.

 Happy Sewing! 
xo Erin 


✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Cute! Looks great in Tiger Lily! said...

That is absolutely lovely thing! Small butterflies look awesome!

Jacqueline Seals@ TEFL Courses Online said...

Your fabrics are very beautiful with different patterns. It's better that you make the square corners instead of the round shape.

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