Friday, August 13, 2010

New Item For Shop and Charm Swap Anyone?

I spent the last couple of days drawing out a pattern for and making these cute little pincushions w/ attached thread catchers.

I used a Japanese cotton fabric and linen by KOKKA. Aren't they adorable?

These were some of my fabrics that I've been hording, not wanting to cut into. I decided it was time. The first cut is the hardest, isn't it?

I'm keeping one for myself because my pincushion has seen better days. The rest are for the shop. I also made one with cute pink polka dots but jr. quilter got dibs! I'll be making more. They are so fun! What do you think?

***I've been thinking about having a charm swap. I wanted to see if anyone who reads here would be interested? Just 5" charms. Something like we'll send out the same number of charms as there are people participating. Maybe modern fabric, or all of the same color fabric, or same theme fabric. Not sure yet. Just wanted to see what you thought? Wanna swap? Let me know in comments. I'll organize it if there's some interest!***

Have a GREAT weekend!


Leigh said...

I would love to participate in a swap! I've done a few in the past and was just thinking it was time for another! :D

Unknown said...

Love the thread catchers and I would be up for a charm swap!

Char said...

A swap sounds great!

Jacque. said...

Erin...thinking a swap would be GREAT! Let me know. And, those thread catcher pin cushions...sweet! You rock! But, we already knew that!

Kristine Hanson said...

I would love to do a swap, count me in!

Deb Robertson Writes said...

Yes a charm swap would be awesome, i love charms!

Becky said...

Your pincushions are superb!!!

I would love a charm swap! Maybe orange, black and white and Halloween?

Jessica Christensen said...

I would do a charm swap.

trish said...

Oh gosh this is so cute!! :o)
I would like to learn to make different things
with my fabrics. As much as I love quilts, I
thought it would be fun to learn more. :o)



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