Sunday, February 14, 2016

Aurifil Thread Challenge Review

I was thrilled to be chosen to participate in Fat Quarterly's Aurifil Thread Challenge. When I received my package of the threads I went straight to my sewing room to get started. We were allowed to use one, some or all of the thread. For me I knew I had to use them all. That was what the challenge meant for me.

 I decided on a Modern Crazy Quilt design. I've always loved all of the different stitches that traditional crazy quilts have and thought it was a perfect design to showcase all of these fabulous threads.

The two threads that instantly caught my eye were the thicker 12 weight threads. In my pack I had a green colored 12wt. thread and a white wool 12 wt. thread. I really wanted to showcase these.

I used the green for the feather stitch on the quilt blocks

and also for the machine stitched binding.

I used the wool thread to raw edge applique each block to the linen background fabric using a blanket stitch. The wool was incredible. I loved everything about it. It was thick, showed up well and sewed like a dream.

With the bit of wool thread that i had left I hand quilted some big stitches between the blocks. The thread was great for hand quilting too! All of the threads were excellent to work with.

 I used the 28wt. variegated thread for the herring bone stitch. It showed up well and sewed wonderfully. I used the 40 wt. thread for the honeycomb or smocking stitch. It was a lighter weight but it showed up really well. I also used this weight for some of the piecing to see what that would be like. No problems at all. It's definitely  a good thread for piecing. Lastly I used the 50 wt. thread for a decorative swirl stitch. It showed up well and has a nice delicate look. I also used this weight thread for some of the piecing and it was great. I could see this thread also being of good use for subtle quilting stitches.

All of the Aurifil threads that I used had different characteristics making them extremely versatile. I am so happy that I had the chance to work with them. Thanks Aurifil, Fat Quarterly and Lynn for organizing this exciting challenge.


Heidi Staples said...

This is SO cute, Erin!!

Carried Away Quilting said...

Love this post! Really enjoyed all your darling stitches and fabric placements! Fun & inspiring!

greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

Love it! I wish that crazy quilting would make a comeback. I recently bought some Aurifloss (no idea what the weight is!) and it's very easy to work with. I'm using only Aurifil 50 in my sewing machine now - it's virtually lint free! I had used another brand for many years but it always jammed and made tons of lint, so now it's exclusively Aurifil. Thanks for reposting this!



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