Friday, February 13, 2015

Catching Up!

Hi! It seems as though I've neglected my little space here and I'm sorry for that. With sharing projects and such on Instagram I'm trying to find the right balance and not over share here, there and everywhere. Also I haven't pulled my real camera out since Christmas. I have to remedy that soon but just snapping a picture is so easy these days. It allows for more time right now and who doesn't need that! But I want to share here because I enjoy my space here and I know many of you don't use Instagram.
I made this little mini quilt for a friend! I hope she loves it. I pulled out some of my Bonnie and Camille fabrics that I have stashed. It was for someone special so I was totally okay using them :)

I made this baby quilt for my cousin. She has her first baby, a little girl. I was really excited to make this quilt because I got to work with Brambleberry Ridge by Violet Craft! I was in such a hurry to mail this out I forgot to take a picture before I packaged it. So I unwrapped it to take a quick pic! You can see the folds in this picture :)

Beautiful fabric! The colors matched the babies nursery perfectly so I was really pleased with that!

Also I got the cutest bundle of Milk, Sugar & Flower by Elea Lutz!!! There are so many cute projects being made with this on IG right now!!!

I am making another mini for a friend.

I chose the Postage Stamp Basket for the mini. I think it's perfect with these fabrics! I used a tutorial by Alex Anderson for a 4" basket. The link is HERE. It's a video on You Tube. I'll share the rest of the mini when I finish!

Hope you are working on something that is making you happy right now!!!
Be back soon! Pinkie swear ♥

Happy Sewing!!!
xo Erin


Svetlana said...

Beautiful projects Erin. So looking forward to seeing your finished mini, those baskets are beyond adorable.

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

Thanks so much, Svetlana!

Joan said...

Lovely projects! The little mini with the baskets has caught my eye and I love the fabric line.

Clothed in Scarlet said...

Oh my goodness! I love that mini and the fabric is soooo adorable! And your take on the triangles for the baby's quilt is a really neat idea. It adds a lot of visual interest:0) I'm glad you did unwrapped it and got a picture, Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I would make a purse or table runner



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