Thursday, June 23, 2011

Twister Block Tutorial

 This is my tutorial for the Twister Block also called the Kansas Twister. I saw this is Judie Rothermel's book Aunt Grace's Scrapbag. She used templates.  I only use templates as a last resort! I used so many templates when I first started quilting that I really don't like them much. So I looked at the template and thought of using a strip set for this block. Super fast, fun and easy!

First cut 2 strips 1.5 inches x WOF (width of fabric)

Next sew them right sides together and press toward the printed material (twister blade).

                          (click to make bigger)
 Now you will need to make a ruler out of thick cardboard (this is not a template LOL)  Make a 60 degree triangle. I just laid one edge of my card board on the dotted tringle line on my cutting mat, then lay your ruler on corresponding opposite dotted line. Cut. Then cut 2.5 inches away from the point of the triangle.

Now lay your triangle on the strip set. I keep the printed piece on the bottom and the white piece on top. You want your triangle tips to be white ( or the background fabric if not using white).

Now cut on both side of your ruler (cardboard triangle). Slide your ruler and cut again.

Until you have six triangles with white tips. Save your other triangles for a reverse twister.

Lay your pieces out like this.

Sew your block together like this. These 2 first. Press towards the print.

Sew the next piece onto the unit like this.

Now make a bottom unit just like the top unit you just made. Pressing always toward the print.

Now sew the top and bottom units together. Press open the center seem so that it will lay flat. If you pressed toward the print then your seams will meet together perfectly.
That's it!

Make a reverse twister with the extra triangles. Don't they look cute? Like little birdies!


ellen gets crafty said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. The block looks so easy to make.

Lauree said...

erin this block is so cute. and love that you used the pink seeds. thanks for the tute!

Linda said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I need to give this a try. I also love the little reverse block!

rubyslipperz1052 said...

Thank VERY much! for this tutorial! Yesterday when I saw your blocks on your blog...I didn't realize it was quite this, I'm anxious to try it!
Your colors are cute...hey, and the reverse one is really cute too!


Jessica Christensen said...

I love these. But I can't make one. I can't. Seriously. I cannot start another quilt. But I might, because they are so cute. ;) Thanks for the tutorial, Erin.

Jacque. said...

Hey Erin...I love seeing how blocks go together...most often much easier than it looks. Great tute!

Simply Sandy said...

I'm going to have to give this a try. It looks simple the way you described it. And I love that you used the fabric I sent. Awesome, Erin!

Char said...

Great tutorial. I will definitely try this block. Thank you.

Betty said...

Does that 60 degree triangle work the same way?..........I have that ruler, used it once.......gotta use it for something. would like a bigger block?

Anonymous said...

now that I read the directions over my triangle will work, thanks for the tut, very good, going to give it a try this pm

Claudia said...

Love this block and your finished Hope Valley Twister quilt. Can you tell me the size of each finished block?

Milagros Rodriguez said...

Excelente idea, gracias

Anonymous said...

I love your twister block, but it looks like a challenge to put all the 6 sided blocks together into a quilt. What do you think of putting 1/2 blocks together in rows instead of y seams?

Cathy said...

How to you assemble/connect finished blocks into a quilt?



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