Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drafting Your Own Paper Pieced Pattern ... Wonky Flying Geese Tutorial

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 That's right paper piecing. Don't run for the hills. This tutorial is about drafting your own paper pieced wonky flying geese. It will be loads of fun. I promise.You CAN"T mess these up. 

You will need:
freezer paper
a ruler and a pencil

Cut your freezer paper down to a size you want to work with, I used 8.5 x 11.

Take your freezer paper and on the non shiny side draw a set of wavy , curvy lines spaced apart as much as you like.

Then use your ruler and draw lines across the set of wavy lines spaced any distance apart you want.

Next pick the direction you want the point of your geese to go (north or south). Using your ruler draw a line from the point of the geese to the edge of the across line you drew, like this, to make your geese.

Now what I did was find my widest point and drew lines from the top to bottom on each side of the wavy lines.

Erase your wavy lines if you want to.

Number your pieces.

I colored mine also, this was more for fun than anything but it can help keep everything straight if you have a lot of pieces.

You can make the lines really curved and change the spacing up as much as you want. Here's another one I drew.

Next use your rotary cutter and ruler and cut all of your pieces apart. Cut ON the drawn line.

Now place your fabric on back of your selected fabric making sure to leave a bit more than 1/2 inch between pieces to account for seam allowance. Press with a dry iron.

Trim up the pieces leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance on all sides.

Should look like this.

Do this to all your pieces and arrange them in there original order.

Now place piece 1 and 2 right sides together, matching up papers, and sew along the edge of the paper.

Then add piece 3 to the other side of piece 1 and sew to make a unit. 

 Keep sewing your units together. Don't remove the paper yet.

 After you have all of your geese units sewn, sew them all together they way you want them. Like your original drawing. Then you can remove your paper. You can dampen it a bit if you happen to sew into the paper a bit. (note) My block is reversed from my original drawing to fix this you can scan your original drawing and print it out on the non shiny side of the freezer paper and choosing the mirror print option before you print, or iron the freezer paper to the right side of the fabric, which I've now learned is safe and does not leave any residue on the print. I didn't bother since this was just for fun. But that's how you do it if you need to.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great tutorial!! Thank you.

Kerri said...

what a lovely tutorial!! i LOVE it!!

Diana said...

This is a great tutorial! I've been wondering if there's a complex mathematical equation involved and you've made it looked so easy! Thanks!

Jacque. said...

These are so awesome! What a terrific tutorial you did for these! Wonky geese=fun!

Anita said...

Great tutorial! I find I waste a lot of fabric doing wonky blocks. This is a great way to reduce some of that waste.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

You make it look so much easier than my previous method! Oh, if I could just get myself going with my sewing! I've been knitting Christmas stockings with my spare moments.

Jessica Christensen said...

Fun! I love flying geese, and I love wonky things. Wonky flying geese -- perfect!

Wendy said...

just found your tutorial on these wonky flying geese ... super tute!! I almost gave up on drafting my own and your post inspired me :) Thank you so much!! Wendy


incredible.. will do

Leslie said...

i have a picture that i was hoping to make into a quilt...a instafriend suggested Paper piecing it. do you think you could look at it and tell me if you think it would be possible. i posted it on instagram today, morrlezlie



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