Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Small Squares Finished

I finished my small squares quilt. I really, really love this one. I used the last of my Amy Butler Charm fabric , not one little scrap left. I also used Amy Butler's Daisy Chain and Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut.

Bound it with Fresh Cut also. I made a pieced back which I am really enjoying adding to my quilts. I used Kona Bleached White for the sashing and borders. I was going to wait until I posted more on my solids quilt to give my opinion on the Kona but I"ll say it here too. I LOVE Kona. I am from now on converted. It washed and crinkled beautifully.

In my last post I said that there was a pucker on the back, and after washing and drying it's not noticeable. I really had to search for it, but I'm still keeping this one. I love it too much.

Do you grow attached to your quilts? Let me know!


Mountain Home Quilts said...

I grow attached to some immediately and others more over time. I had a king size quilt that I finished and listed in my shop. It sat with all my other for sale quilts for a long time. When someone did finally buy it and I got it out to wrap up I thought, "Why am I selling this quilt? I love it!" Oh well- you can't keep 'em all!
I love your "Typed with one hand while standing by Why Not Sew?" because with a baby that's often what happens! Actually, I'm typing this standing, with Mason on my hip! LOL

tabbiegirl said...

I was surprised to find that I do grow attached to my quilts. I didn't realize this until I did a craft fair last year and sold quite a few. I almost had tears in my eyes when I sold the first one and had to hand it over. The lady who bought it said, "Don't worry, I'll take good care of it." We both laughed!!!I usually don't like my quilts until they are washed and crinkled which makes finishing them a challenge a lot of the time. LOVE your small squares quilt. What size are those little squares!?

Diane said...

Your quilt is lovely. I have a hard time giving mine up. But really I make so many it's just crazy to keep 'em all. I have one I'm giving as a wedding gift this weekend. So I have it out and I'm going to just keep looking at it until I HAVE to wrap it up. It's better that it goes and gets enjoyed rather than being rolled up out of sight except for a few times a year when I re-roll and move stuff around.
And besides, I still have the pattern....I can make another one!! :)

Jessica Christensen said...

I love this! And I also love when I used every scrap of something. It's quite satisfying to me.



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