Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 Finishes and Getting Caught Up

I've been working on finishing up quilts that have been laying around in the closet. Most are tops. This one was already sandwiched and basted I just had to rip out some quilting that I didn't like, and that's why it was just sitting. I made this about 2 years ago and never finished it. It was for a family member who had just had a baby. But I just wasn't crazy about it. So I made them something else. I finally finished this quilt last week and I think it did turn out pretty cute after all.

I had this top for years too. Just sitting and waiting. My mom wanted it, so I finished it up for her over the weekend. It's from Eleanor Burns Underground Railroad Sampler book. The blocks are not in the order that supposedly tells the story because I used to use this top to cover an open closet we used to have. I layed the blocks out so my favorites were showing. This was a fun quilt and I plan on making one for myself. You know, on that ever long and growing list that us quilters have!

I still have to quilt this one from last year's Old Red Barn Co.'s quilt along.

My first whirlygig quilt is all quilted and I am hand stitching the binding down now. I have another one in progress. I feel like I'm getting caught up on some things and that feels good.


Leslie said...

i love the colors of your ORBC quilt. i plan to make one sometime with solids

Jacque. said...

I love what you're working on! All of them! Your ORBC fabrics remind me of the quilt I made with that quiltalong...lots of bright summery colors. Another whirlygig?'re addicted, aren't you! Looking forward to seeing more.

Jessica Christensen said...

I still have my ORB -- the first one -- to quilt as well. Of course, my list of UFOs extends beyond that. Feels good to finish some things up, I'm sure -- even the older stuff. I love the bright colors in your ORB quilt.

kelliemorgan said...

HA! I am just finishing quilting mine too! Check my blog. I have a post with the quilt in the machine! Love your style.



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