Thursday, December 17, 2009

Doll Quilt with Pillow and Another Fabric BAsket

I made a doll quilt and pillow from this tutorial. I have made lots of doll quilts and they can be any size but I think this tutorial is really nice because of the cute little pillow case instructions. I did add an accent band between the two main fabrics.

I made another fabric basket. Tutorial here. It's the same as the other Sweet one I made only the handles are from different fabric. The quilt and pillow fit perfectly inside the basket. I'm excited to give this one away. I hope the recipient likes it!

* If you are looking for the FQ give away it is one post down *


bevkimmel said...

That doll quilt and pillow are so cute! I think I am ready to be a grandma so I have someone to give these to. Girls, help me out!!

carmel said...

thanks for this post
very inspiring
i want to learn how to quilt
and i wanted to start with doll quilts
thanks for the links

Unknown said...

this set is so sweet.



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