Monday, July 8, 2013

Playing with Dresdens

I started making a Dresden Plate pillow over the weekend. I used most of my feedsack and 30's reproduction prints and a piece of white linen.

I love the way everything looks together but I am not enjoying the method I chose for finishing the Dresden. I used fusible interfacing and sewed it right sides together with the finished Dresden Petals along the curves, clipped the curves and turned it right sides out. Then appliqued it by hand to the linen. Same method for the center circle. My problem is the the center is quite puffy. So I am going to undo it and use a piece of freezer paper ironed on and use the needle turn applique method to attach the center to the petals. I was wondering if any of you that have made a Dresden Plate quilt, pillow, etc. would mind telling me... What is your preferred method of attaching the center circle to the Dresden and then the Dresden Plate to the background fabric?


Heather D. said...

Erin, I've made one dresden in my life so my experience is quite limited, but this is what I did. For the petals (and mine weren't curved, they were pointed, which probably makes a difference) I starched the heck out of the fabric and then used a tutorial on sew mama sew by Elizabeth Hartman for cutting the pieces and sewing the wedges. Then when I sewed them to each other (by machine) the starch helped them to hold their shape really really nicely. For the center I did the fusible interfacing method and stitched it down by machine. And if I remember correctly, I first stitched the petal part down to my background fabric (by machine) and then added the centre circle. It worked well fro me, but I was only making one and wasn't really interested in perfecting the method, just getting it done!

Good luck! It does look beautiful so far.

vintage grey said...

Oh, how I love dresdens!! Love yours, especially all the sweet prints and curves!! I always use a doily in the middle, since it is easier for me then doing a circle, but I think that Amy of nanaCompany might have had a good tutorial? Have a lovely week!! xo Heather

mrsmcbee said...

I love dresdens!! AND I love 30's!! I have made several also have made grandmothers fan, I use the glue stick method, just use the glue and turn under a smidge then glue, dry and stitch!! Works great and doesnt look puffy just flat and old-looking the look I prefer. I am going to try the fusible method tho, for the petals the next time I make a dresden!! I only use 30's and feedsacks and 30's vintage when I sew, except when sewing for the grands!!

Cindy said...

I stitched the curved petals on the outside edges with the raw edge exposed. I sewed the circles (which I made kind of like a yo-yo) down the same way going around the circle a few times. I used actual feed sack fabric which my friends mother in law got at an estate sale. There were enough petals already cut to make 36 dresdens... its sitting in my fabric closet because I am trying to decide how to quilt it.

Anonymous said...

This is the way I've done it. I cut out a cardboard template of the centre circle, then my fabric a little larger than the centre. I hand sew a small running stitch around the edge of the fabric, and gather the fabric over the cardboard template. Ironing the fabric whilst it's still gathered over the cardboard gives a circular edge to the fabric.

Then remove the cardboard template and hand applique the circle down. No needle turn required.

You can also use the same template method to create the curves on the dresden blades.

This is the way I was taught to do it. I think it gives a nice smooth curve. But obviously you need to like hand sewing!

Kind regards

Carla said...

My preferred method is sitting in the sun ; ) Seriously, I did mine using EPP. I whip stitched the blades together then appliqu├ęd it down to a background square. I did the same for the centre, but mine was a sort of wavy flowery shape.

Tammy said...

I have wanted to do one for a long time . But to date have not. I think yours is beautiful.

Heidi Staples said...

I haven't tried a dresden yet, but obviously I need to. This is darling!

Anonymous said...

I have also used the paper piecing method described above by Katherine. It gives a lovely neat finish, you can also trim away the very centre of your underside of the circle (in your case the linen) to pull out the paper piece and give a very smooth circle when you have finished hand stitching it into place.
Quilt ing just inside the circle also prevents it from being too puffy.

Patti said...

I have also done a Dresden but only one pillow so also not alot of experience. I had a ton of fun making it though! I did the middle like Belinda and Katherine did it. I am trying to remember how I did the blads though. Mine are pointy...I think I did the glue stick method someone else mentioned and I did starch them too. I sewed my blades on with invisible thread as I didnt want to see it and then handstitched the center circle with perle DMC floss. I went around 3 times using 3 different colors that complimented my 30s prints i used. It turned out darling and I just kinda made it up while going along. I also made a pillow because I thought it wouldnt be too overwhelming if I hated it. I did love making it and would love to make an entire quilt out of dresdens. They are fun and old fashioned and I really like that. Your pillow is so sweet I really like it and I dont think your center appears poofy at all!



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