Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paper Pieced Mushroom and A Beutiful Petunia Doll From Cathy!

I've been working on some more paper piecing. I drew up this mushroom. They remind me of when my husband and I went cross country before we were married. We saw these mushrooms in Colorado. I had never seen one in real life as I don't think we have them on the east coast, so these were really exciting to see out in the wild. 

Yesterday I received this beautiful doll from Cathy. I won her giveaway. Isn't she gorgeous!!

And guess what this little doll was wearing? A little mushroom necklace. I love happy coincidences like this! The trim in her dress also had little mushies in it.

And this little hair clip too!!!!

Thank you so much Cathy! She's perfect!


Amy said...

very cute doll. I love the mushrooms too.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Cathy is simpmly AMAZING with her dolls, isn't she??! Love the doll and am amazed at your skills for paper piecing!

walklet said...

Can't wait to see this mushroom piece finished -- you've inspired me to try paper piecing! You make it look easy. Thanks!

Leslie said...

that dolly is adorable...and i love the paper piece mushroom. i can not get over how cute that is

ayumills said...

Oh your paper piecing pattern looks amazingly cute! The mushrooms necklace for the doll is adorable too~!



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