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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Charm Swap Update

We have 8 people for the charm swap. My question is this, do you want to send out 5 different fabrics of 8 each? This would give us all the average amount that comes in a charm pack. It's enough to make something with and it would be really fun to see all the different fabrics. What do you think? I was thinking bright, fresh, pretty fabrics. Pretty much anything you like. I'd like to have them by September 15th and I will sort and mail them out by the 20th. Don't forget to include a self addressed stamped envelope. So I can send them back to you. What do you think? If all this sounds okay and you still want to swap comment here or e-mail me, if not, let me know too please:) I'd like to put a list on the my side bar when I know who definitely wants to swap. Thanks ladies, this will be a fun swap!!!


Hollie said...

That sounds great! This should be fun! I'm in!

Leigh said...

Sounds great! I'm in!

Deb said...

Yes this sounds great, shall we have a colourway so they kinda go together?? say orange and pink, or aqua and red or whatever??

Becky said...

In! And I like the idea of choosing a colorway. Sometimes I have ended up with the weirdest stuff in swaps. Not that it wasn't good quality stuff it's just that I can only make so many mismatched quilty things. ;)

Maybe my imagination is limited?

You choose the colors and we'll play nice. And maybe give us a fabric example to follow. Like the teal and orange in your picture above from [fill in the blank] Fabric Company.

Jessica Christensen said...

Sounds good - choosing a colorway will be great with me.



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