Sunday, February 11, 2018

Geranium Dresses

The 2 dresses above I made a couple of years ago.
 I didn't do much piecing or quilting over the summer but I did make my 2 youngest some pretty Geranium Dresses.

I love the pattern and had made a couple of dresses previously but the expansion pack was released and it inspired me to make several more. I have wanted to do a post on these for a while now but it is seriously hard to get them all rounded up for a picture because my girls wear these all the time. Like almost everyday. You might be able to see some signs of wear if you look closely, but don't, haha ;) Here they are below.

This is the first one I made this summer. It was from the original pattern, cap sleeves, neck notch. Fabric is Vintage Market By Tasha Noel (Riley Blake).

I had to try the Peter Pan collar from the expansion pack. I absolutely love it and I use it all the time with these dresses. This one also has the fitted short sleeve. Fabric is Lecien Retro 30's.

This one is basically the same except for length. This is tunic length. Fabric is Posy by Aneela Hoey

Same as above. Bigger size, collar the same color as the dress. Oh, this one has a zipper instead of buttons. We prefer the buttons. Fabric is Indian Summer by Benartex.

This is the 3/4 length sleeve option.  This dress as well as the Posy tunic have a fully lined bodice which I don't do anymore. I just make an interfacing piece for the collar now. Fabric is The Good Life by Bonnie & Camille (Moda).

Same 3/4 length sleeve but in a bigger size. Fabric is from Walmart, Waverly? I think. This is the older of the 2 girls favorite dress!

This is the basic dress, cap sleeves, no expansion, no neck notch. Fabric is The Good Life again.

Same as above, bigger size. Same fabric, different print. These got worn the most in warm weather and now with a sweater. Fabric is The Good Life.

AND my absolute favorite one is the basic dress, cap sleeve, and a matching Peter Pan collar. Love this one so much. The fabric is a favorite too! Fabric is Aunt Grace, Simple Sampler by Judie Rothermel (Marcus Brothers).

I have at least 4 more planned and will continue to make more for my girls til they outgrow the pattern. It's so simple and I just love the fit on them. They do too. Win, win!!!

Hope you all are doing well.

Happy Sewing!
xo Erin


Little Penpen said...

These are gorgeous!!! I wish someone would make me a closet full of new dresses!

Jocelyn said...

So adorable!

Kay said...

Oh my, a whole wardrobe of gorgeousness!! I do love to see little girls in pretty dresses, so often you only see T shirts and leggings everywhere. x

Fonda said...

Such a sweet pattern, and the fabrics are wonderful, too.

Swedish Scrapper said...

I don't have any toddlers anymore but these dresses are very sweet! They remind me of a couple I had when I was young in the 70's. My mom found me a multicoloured pastel dress at the thrift shop with a built in cotton slip And smocking, which she told me all about :). And then next year, she made my sister and me matching gingham Easter dresses with her own butterfly appliqués. Oh, and a blue with red rosebud jumper with a red rosebud appliqué that she also drew herself! My point is, I'll never forget that she sewed for us, and I bet your girls won't either.

Sinta Renee said...

I love these dresses so much! I have the pattern... and have the best intentions of making dresses for my grand daughters... but I am so afraid, because I actually don't know how to sew clothing. I didn't know about the expansion pattern; I will look into that! Thanks so much for sharing these adorable dresses. I will keep an eye out for more and try to channel some of your talent!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Such pretty little dresses

Judith said...

How can I get this dress pattern? It would be wonderful for my granddaughters. Thanks

Patti said...

I love this pattern and your dresses are lovely! I'm curious to know the ages of your girls. I know 2 beautiful girls that I'd love to make this pattern for but the oldest is 10 and I'm afraid that she might think that she is too old for this pattern. Your opinion please?

Cher Merriman said...

Where can I get this pattern? I used to sew for my daughter when she was little and now she has two daughters herself; I would love to try my hand at little dresses again.
Love the fabrics you’ve used and all the versions you have here! Thanks for sharing.

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