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Monday, May 2, 2011

Scrappy Aqua and Red Doll Quilt

This morning I woke up extra early and made this scrappy little doll quilt. I laid the squares out last night so it would be ready to go in the morning. It seems like the only way I can sew lately is to stay up late and wake up early. But it's so worth it. Isn't it?


ellen gets crafty said...

What a sweet little quilt, I love your colors. Any doll would be so happy to have this!

Char said...

Love the fabrics you chose. Red and Aqua is on my someday list.

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Hmm, worth it? Well, at this point I'd still say no. LOL I value my sleep WAY TOO MUCH. Or maybe it's just that I'm older and don't feel as spry? Is that possible for a 32 year old? :)

Jessica Christensen said...

Love this!



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