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Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's Sketchy!

I have been wanting to try sketchy free motion applique for so long now. I first saw it here. I needed to make something that I could finish the same day. So I decided to cut into some precious scraps of Flea Market Fancy that Kristine so sweetly gave to me. I made this mini with them. I got big oooh's and ahhh's and "I love it"'s, so that was good.

I then went on to make this little birdie family.

And here is case for an I Pod Touch. This is the front. It's a bit wonky, I was sewing it at 2 am with out a plan, just cutting and sewing. So that happens sometimes.

This is the back. I quilted it with swirls. Can't really see it in the picture though.

A matching sun glasses case. (front)

and back. They have been getting good use since I made them. That's why they don't look nice and crisp. I'm glad!

So go give it a try. It's loads of fun. Betcha can't make just one!

* filmstrip tutorial coming...this week I hope*


Wendy said...

These are awesome!! So cool to see :) Thank you for sharing. What a smile these must bring to you when you see them, especially knowing you did them yourself... Yay you!!

Jacque. said...

Hey Erin...these are all dang cute! Great job on the sketch free motion...have given a few brief thoughts to trying it myself. Perhaps someday soon. Looking forward to the filmstrip tutorial. You rock!

Leslie said...

oh these are adorable!!!

Victoria said...

totally charming!

Becky said...

Erin, these are sooooo cute. I will try it sometime soon.

Barb said...

How fun and cute!

Angie said...

Adorable! Very cute & clever too!

kristine hanson said...

cute! I have yet to do any sewing/quilting like this, can't wait for the tut on the film quilt~

Leigh said...

this is soooo cute!!! I may have to make myself a mini quilt doing these sketchy little birds because I'm so obsessed with how cute yours turned out!



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